The Top Selling Items on Amazon Revealed

posted on 18/2/20 02:33

The Top Selling Items on Amazon Revealed

Looking for a best seller on Amazon? We’ve got a cheat sheet with the top selling items to Amazon. Check it out and pick yours.

Interested in selling on Amazon? It all starts with researching the top selling items. The biggest marketplace in the world is becoming extremely competitive, so finding potentially profitable products is a real challenge.

Traditional research tactics will probably work, but most probably they will not help you discover the best selling items on Amazon. This task has become really difficult.

Before you start spending thousands of dollars on products check out the following selection of bestselling Amazon products that can make your life easier.

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Researching the Top Selling Items on Amazon

The process to research and choose the right product is quite simple. What you need is to follow a strategy. To find your best sellers on Amazon you can start by exploring the interests and hobbies on your audience, brainstorm ideas and see what the competition is doing. Giveaways, Amazon Related Products, forums and review clubs are great source of inspiration. The best way to go about this is not to focus on finding the top selling items, but to come up with criteria that will make this process easier for you.

Finding the Top Selling Items on Amazon

Trying to find the top selling Amazon products may seem difficult, but with the right criteria you will get there fast. The first step is to dive deep into Amazon itself. The marketplace is a fantastic source of information for all sellers. Of course, you need to know what to look for.

Here is an example of criteria you can use to spot top Amazon products that could be bestsellers.

• The  product costs in the range $20-$200

• Has less than 150 reviews

• It is  lightweight and easy to ship

• Has high profit margin, ideally between 50-60% 

• Can be  shipped with Express Air Shipping 

• Has at least 10 sales per day

Now, you can look carefully at your product listings and see which products fit these criteria. If they don’t that doesn’t mean these products are not potential best sellers, but you should continue looking for better options to test and invest in.

There are items that are better to skip. It is quite hard to make the following items best selling products on Amazon.

• Sold in  retail stores

• Trademarked Fragile or with special shipping needs 

• High-quality  mechanical products

• Sold in  large volumes on Amazon

Remember that there is a difference between profitable products on Amazon and top sellers. Choose your product carefully and follow the criteria we shared above.

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List of 5 Top Selling Items on Amazon

Having explained the process and criteria to find the top selling items on Amazon, it’s time to move on to our own list of bestselling products. Get inspired to find your own winner.

1.   Exercise Accessories

The exercise bands are another product which is among the best selling items on Amazon with thousands of reviews and raging fans. It has all it takes for a best seller – light, compact and perfect for shipping.

2.   Brush for Pets

This may seem as a boring product but you can make it cool with the right angle and images. If you manage to do that well you can have a top seller. Honestly, good quality photos can make that difference. Don’t take the photos for granted.

3.   Grilling Accessory

Here is a product for all grill enthusiasts. It is a grilling matt which is simple and lightweights and can be sourced easily. However, to differentiate it on the market you need to go with good copy and branding.

best seller on amazon

4.   Spiralizer

This kitchen tool is a vest seller on Amazon and there are good reasons why. It is cheap to produce and ship as well as easy to use. If you want to sell the Spiralizer well, the best thing to do is start thinking of branding and positioning.

5.   Pet clippers

The pet nail clippers are a product that can be sourced easily and offered with different sales angles. You can sell it to owners of large dog breeds or brand a more high-end product.

Final Thoughts

There they are the top-selling items on Amazon! We hope you find the information above enjoyable, actionable and useful. Now you are equipped with the necessary knowledge to go ahead and find your own bestseller on Amazon.

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