Become An Amazon Associate/Affiliate: Make Passive Income On Amazon

posted on 23/2/20 09:28

how to become an amazon affiliate

The needs of human beings keep increasing every day. You have to step up and do something about your life, your lifestyle, and your family. A job can sometimes never be enough, which is why a side hustle or a passive source of income is an important step. Luckily, the Internet has got you covered with some of the best ways to make money online. One way is by becoming an Amazon Affiliate . Join us as we talk about it and help you make that important step.

What is Amazon Affiliate?

Before Amazon became the world’s leading eCommerce platform, it was an online book retail store. The idea for the founder, Jeff Bezos, was that people loved books, but there was no enough resource to market the books. Bezos resorted to the idea of paying anyone a commission incase they referred some buy books on their online store. This choice led to what we have today known as the Amazon Affiliate Program , something that has been with us since 1996. The program has grown to become a full-time job and a source of a side-income for others. So how do you join the Amazon Affiliate program?

To become an Amazon Associate, the following steps should help:

  1. Foremost, join by signing up for Amazon Affiliate account . Apply to the affiliate program by filling the required forms.
  2. As you fill the forms, remember to read the user policies . Understanding the policies will prevent you from account terminations for breach of regulations.
  3. Identify niche and product you wish to promote . You can do this using the multiple Amazon product research tools such as Jungle Scout and Helium 10. On these tools, you can use keywords, product ASINs, and EANs, and ISBNs in the case of books.
  4. Know how you will promote the product . You need to have a platform, and it could be a YouTube channel, a landing page, a social media page, or a website, among others. On the platforms, you have content. The content must fit or be related to the products you are promoting. Remember to optimize content for SEO using keywords, images, and links to reliable sources
  5. Lastly, include affiliate to your product somewhere within your article . You can have a disclosure that it is an affiliate link for more credibility.

Now that you know how to join Amazon Associate Program , the question is, how do you make more in your affiliate account?

How To Increase Sales For A Profitable Amazon Affiliate

The answer is to maximize sales so that it affects your affiliate income. The steps below should help with that:

Talk about the related products

You do not always need to talk about the actual product. Find out what other product is associated with the product you promote and talk about it.

Pay attention to what referrals buy

Sometimes you may make money on Amazon from a product you did not promote but for referring someone to buy on Amazon. If this product was not in your blog or listing, you can add it to your list of products and even write about it.

Pay attention to analytics

Understanding the customer and the market is an important skill to become an Amazon Affiliate success story. Analytics will tell what your customer clicks and what they buy, among other pieces of data. The result is you will offer customers what they want.

Now that you know how to join Amazon Affiliate marketing, how to promote your products, and how to increase sales. It is also to know the pros and cons of the program to make an informed choice.


  • Amazon is quite popular. The market is huge, and therefore a lot of potential is available for you. 
  • There is no limit to how much traffic you need to join . With less, you can still sell more and more considering the ticket value.
  • Wide product range. You are not limited to what you can sell. Make the right choice; moreover, you get to add to the list over and over.


  • Commissioning rate. Compared to other affiliate programs, Amazon pays lesser rates from 0.00% to 15%. Take your time to research products so that you can make more.

In a nutshell, Amazon is a large marketplace. It has been tried and tested for a long time, and the results for many are impeccable. Join the Amazon associates program and start enjoying the benefits it holds for you.






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