Amazon Listing Optimization – The Ultimate Guide for Improving Amazon and Sales Ranking

posted on 15/2/20 02:17

how to optimize amazon listings

The Internet today is overflowing with information on millions of topics users may or may not find useful. That is why online, and tech companies try to assist people in finding what they are looking for faster. They employ effective systems and algorithms to help Internet users find solutions to their queries better.

That way, those who need information or service online can merely type a query and get what they need. It is now up to information and service providers to properly optimize their promotional materials or information. This optimization has to align with the platform they want to display their information or service. If a businessperson wants to raise profit levels on Amazon, s/he must employ great Amazon Listing Optimization tools.

What is Amazon’s A9 Algorithm?

Amazon possesses hundreds of millions of goods listed on its system. More products get listed on their database daily. As a result, a means of organization is important. This is so that buyers who want a particular product will be able to get it easily.

The A9 Algorithm is Amazon's method of organization. It is similar to Google’s site ranking algorithm. When someone searches for something on the site, the A9 Algorithm “crawls” through Amazon’s database. It checks the inputted keywords and pretty much every other element required for ranking. Then, it selects the ones that best match the request and recommends them according to their level of relevance. 

Essentially, if you use an excellent amazon listing optimization tool, you can rank higher. When your rank goes up, you can sell more products.

What are the elements to look out for when creating an Amazon listing?

If you want to complete your Amazon product listing optimization properly, you have to pay proper attention to these elements:

1. Product title

Amazon has many different categories for its products. Most of these categories have the luxury of 250 characters for the product title. For proper amazon listing optimization, it is advisable that you use all space as Amazon gives you. You must necessarily give the buyers as much information as possible here.

If you sell rechargeable fans, “Rechargeable Fan” isn’t okay. While those words are important because they are major keywords, you have to provide extra information. For effective Amazon product title optimization, it would be a good idea to remember these:

  • Use the word “and” instead of “&.”
  • Provide extra information like model, product brand, and other such things.
  • Capitalize at the start of every word.
  • Don’t include quantity, price, symbols, promotional texts, and all caps.

2. Product images

The total number of pictures Amazon lets you use for a product is nine. The recommended size is 1000 x 500. It would be a good idea to upload high-quality pictures. For most products, white should serve as the background. However, for others, you might want to show people modeling it. In cases like this, a shoot from different angles to give potential buyers enough visual information would be appropriate.

In addition, you must also try to use pictures according to scale. You don’t want customers leaving bad reviews because the product was smaller than they thought it would be.

3. Product reviews

This is another important aspect of Amazon listing optimization. A product will be ranked high if it has a reasonable number of positive reviews.

If you need reviews, the easiest method to get them is by asking. However, it might be pretty tedious emailing everyone who buys your product, asking for reviews. As such, you could simply use tools that send automated feedbacks to ask for reviews.

4. Product description

For Amazon listing optimization, the limit is 2000 characters. Within this limit, you must convince potential buyers that the product is good enough or better than your competition. It is necessary to keep a few things in mind while listing here.

  • Use simple and short sentences. This would help your readers understand better.
  • Break sentences into paragraphs with light HTML.
  • Include those keywords that aren’t in your title.
  • Don’t make use of salesy language. Try to educate/inform rather than sell.

5. Product features

You have only 1000 characters to tell the reader what the product is made of. This is an essential aspect of Amazon listing optimization. As a result, it is imperative that you take note of the following when writing it:

  • Use five strong points for outlining your product’s five primary features and remember to capitalize.
  • Keep a constant tone. 
  • Be specific but do not include details like company information.

6. Product ratings

For good ratings, nothing beats providing a product of high quality. If your product gets bad ratings, check if they follow Amazon’s guidelines. If they do not, you can request that the ratings get removed.

How can you optimize your product listings?

The major tip on how to optimize Amazon listings is giving critical attention to the elements listed earlier . Use images correctly, describe your products properly, etc. If, however, all these prove too difficult, you can just sponsor your products.

What are the top 3 tools for Amazon listing optimization?

Amazon listing optimization might seem relatively tricky when you really get to it. However, there are a number of tools that could be useful to you. Below are the best three amazon listing optimization tools:

1. IO Scout

There are over 30k users of this tool that trust it. It lets you connect ten researchers to an account upon subscription. If “subscription” scares you, it has a free trial period for you to decide whether or not you wish to use it.

2. Jungle Scout

This is another excellent tool for Amazon listing optimization. It has a special place to optimize your product listings with their keyword scout, among others. Alongside optimization, it calculates your revenue and listing. There is a 14-day risk-free trial period with a money-back guarantee.

3. Seller App

Over 15k people trust this Amazon listing optimization tool. It gives you a seven-day free trial. This would help you to make your mind up about using it. Here, there are four primary business directions. They are sales, marketing, solutions, and operations.

What are Amazon listing services?

Amazon optimization services , unlike the tools, aren’t just pieces of software. They are people who help with your Amazon listing optimization. You can hire them online. An excellent place to begin is Fiverr or virtually any other freelancing platform.

Final thoughts

Optimizing on Amazon involves several things. It might be a bit of work paying attention to them all, especially if you have numerous products on sale. What we have done in this article is to give you the ultimate guide to optimizing your Amazon listing.

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